Will Other Realtors Show My One Percent Realty Pitt Meadows Home Listing?

Don’t Fall For It!

You might of heard or have the thought in the back of your mind, that if I’m paying so much less to sell my home I must not be getting the same level of service? Why would a real estate agent in Pitt Meadows BC show my property, if they can get paid more on other homes on the market? As the above video describes, all of these questions, could not be farther from the truth. 98% of today’s buyers shop online! Regardless of what website, you are searching for properties on, every website that shows listings is connected to the MLS system. This means if your on a RE/MAX website or a website like ours or any other company/agents website. Your home will be seen by buyers regardless of what site they are using. 

You see, the MLS does not discriminate based on company’s selling the home or the commission being charged to do so. Your home will be seen by buyers no matter who their agent is or website being searched on! Let’s say you are a buyer & there is 3 homes you want to look at. Do you think your agent is going to say to you ” I’m going to show you 2 of the homes, but not the other because I’m not getting paid as much. “ That just sounds silly right? Are you as a buyer going to go ok fine, We don’t need to see that home because your not making as much commission? Are you going to give up on a home that might be perfect for you & your family? It all sounds silly when you think about it! No realtor is going to say that, if in that position because they know that is not looking out for their clients best interest & lets face it! Are you going to continue using that agent for your purchase if they did do that? Of course not! And they know it!

” Don’t waste thousands $$$ paying high real estate commissions! Let us show you how to pocket more money & get top dollar on your home sale.”

We are your Pitt Meadows BC Experts

Nobody can compare to our level of service!

We sell more homes than most agents in Pitt Meadows BC! Let us show you how we can sell your Mission home faster and for more money! Call or Text 604-726-1023 to learn more on how we can help! Will Other Realtors Show My One Percent Realty Pitt Meadows Home? The answer is always ABSOLUTELY THEY WILL!

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